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14,000 ATMS
5 million transactions per day
Payments hub for ATM, POS, Internet


OmniPayments has three main components OmniATM, OmniPOS and OmniSwitch.

OmniPayments provides a comprehensive solution for finance institutions to acquire, authenticate, route, switch and authorize financial transactions across multiple input channels such as ATM, POS, kiosks, IVR and the internet. It provides a full set of functionality to support payment transactions. Based on a modern Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) the OmniPayments solution consists of several service components, called business logic modules (BLMs), that interact together to satisfy business needs in the retail banking payment environment. All components are built for the HP NonStop system and achieve the highest availability, scalability and reliability ratings for our customers.

OmniPayments allows the transaction originator (acquirer) to initiate a payment, request and receive the authorization for an action on a customer card or an account from a transaction authorizer (issuer). It routes the transaction between the originator and the authorizer. It can handle both on-us and not-on-us transactions. For transactions that need to go to external issuers, it provides switch interfaces and optional stand-in functionality when the issuer is not available for any reason. In addition OmniPayments can manage multiple devices and host application interfaces, and provides a comprehensive security framework. It can also interface to other third party products or legacy systems for these functions if required.

In a typical environment, OmniPayments provides the following functions
  • In-house ATM/POS terminal driving
  • On-line interface to core financial system (Host) for authorization
  • Interface to regional, national or international interchanges.
  • Stand-in authorization when the core financial system is unavailable
  • Interface to host security module
  • Industry-standard data security services including DES, 3DES, MACing and verification functions such as CVV, CVC and AVS.
  • Remote Key loading
  • Currency conversion functions.
  • Charges and Fees handling
  • Transaction logging
  • Card management
  • EMV smart card support
  • Interface to card issuing device
  • Administrator console and MIS reporting
  • Monitoring system and alert notification
  • IVR banking functions
  • Internet banking functions

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